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ORION HALL decorated in post-modernist style, is situated in a recreation park area in Michurinsky Prospekt. Interior and exterior design can be described as minimalistic with hi-tech elements. A spacious welcome area can fit 450 people. The main banqueting hall can seat 450 people, or fit 700 people in case of standing reception. The banqueting hall has its own park area for various outdoor events, including all kinds of celebrations.
Total area of the hall estimates several thousand square meters.
The ceilings are 7 meters high.
The Small hall is a patio with ceilings 9 meters high.
Parking lot can fit 180 cars and features a valet parking service.

ORION HALL is a next generation banqueting hall. It offers a hi-tech environment for events of international caliber, mainly of four types:
Private celebrations: weddings, marriage registrations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
Corporate meetings: team building, conferences, corporate parties, etc.
Image-building events: award ceremonies, presentations, fashion shows, public dinners, concerts and shows, etc.
Official banquets

The cuisine of ORION HALL is the key element of the project. It was developed by two masterful chefs: brand-chef Walter Casiraghi and chef Evgeny Mikhaylov. ORION HALL is first on the market of banqueting services in Moscow to offer haute cuisine for big-scale events. ORION HALL offers Mediterranean, Pan-Asian, European, Russian and Creative cuisine.


The main hall seats 450 people for banquets and fits up to 700 people for standing receptions. The area of the hall is 700 sq. m, ceilings are 7 m high.

The small patio-hall seats 150 people for banquets and fits up to 200 for standing receptions. The area of the hall is 250 sq. m, ceilings are 9 m high.

The entrance area seats 450 people for standing receptions. The area of the hall is 330 sq. m, ceilings are 5 m high

Transforming stage has the area of 50 sq. m, with extendable ceremonial staircase and installable catwalk.

Array suspension system allows to set up any pieces of scenery and divide the area into various zones.

Professional concert equipment: L-Acoustics sound system. Such systems are most frequent in technical requirement riders of international performers. CLARY PARKY, ROBE, MARTIN light equipment, etc.

A «live» chandelier is the heart of ORION HALL. It is a new word in lighting technologies. The chandelier comprises thousands of segments based on organic LEDs. With its help, unique light installations can be created in seconds.

Parking lot for 180 vehicles with valet parking service.

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